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Heavy Lids - Gravity Reverse b/w This Horse

by Heavy Lids

$5.00 / Sold Out

Unmarked white van Creep Rock in the golden tradition of Crime or '80s Chrome (but this is the mean streets of New Orleans, not SF)--- led by John Henry (Static Static, Detonations, Sex Hunter) and Heatha (Static Static), both fresh out of jail & tuff as nails & punk as shit. WITH Benny Divine (Natural Chile, Gary Wrong/Wizzard Sleeve, Missing Monuments) and Andy Goceljerk (Die Rotzz, Pallbearers, Insurgent Sting) - both fresh from the big chinese buffet - and the catlike Jayme (Sex Hunter, Microshards) on bass gurgle. Buy or DIE. Nice handscreened, numbered sleeves too.

Recorded by Quintron inside the Spellcaster Lodge