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Pelican Pow Wow Compliation Cassette

by Heavy Lids , Buck Biloxi and the Fucks , Legendary Wings , Manateees , MBB (Mac Blackout Band) , GINO and the GOONS , Gary Wrong Group , Wizzard Sleeve , Trampoline Team , Golden Pelicans , No Bails , I Get Mynze , Giorgio Murderer , Die Rotzz , and Planchettes ,

$6.00 / Sold Out

Here's a cassette that has the first eight PPW 7"s on it. Including the five ones that are totally soooold ooooout!!

But wait! That's not all!! This tape includes bonus tracks too! You get an extra track from heavy hitters Heavy Lids! A tune from PPW's newest sensation I Get Mynze, that isn't available anywhere else! A frenzied dance smash from Giorgio Murderer! A scorching, screaming from Planchettes! And an awesome track from Die Rotzz's debut LP that we totally fucked up the digital transfer of, so you can hardly hear it! (Pro-gear, pro-attitude, right here!!)

Limited to 100 copies